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Cinematic Wedding Packages

We empower you to build the package that's right for you.


Many wedding film companies provide you a list of “standard” packages. Golla Films believes you & your special day is not “standard”. We begin with a starter package and you build from there to meet your needs.

The starter-wedding package is a starting point to building your wedding film experience. With you and your day being anything other then “average”or "standard" this option gives you the ability to develop the exact options you want.  

The “Starter” wedding package includes the following:

➢Filmed, Edited and Mastered in 1080 High Definition.

➢Documentary style film (10-15 minutes).

➢Ceremony recording (up to 1 hour).

➢Single camera view.

➢Digital copy of your film.

➢Dual media recording.

➢Manned and un-manned cameras.

➢Digital Archive of your films.

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➢Filmed, Edited and Mastered in 1080 High Definition. Golla Films uses only the highest quality recording equipment to capture your wedding events in High Definition.

➢Documentary style film (10-15 minutes). This is the most basic film Golla Films produces. This film will​ be built in chronological order showing the major events of your day. This film is not built in a cinematic style story.

➢Ceremony recording (up to 1 hour). Most ceremonies will fit within this time restriction.

➢Single camera view. Golla Films almost always uses multiple camera views even under this option.

➢Digital copy of your film. Golla Films provides a custom engraved and designed flash drive for every digital copy provided to you.

➢Dual media recording. Golla Films always uses redundancy with our equipment to ensure no data loss occurs during you wedding day.

➢Manned and un-manned cameras. Even with only one videographer, you will see your event from multiple camera views.

➢Digital Archive of your films. Golla Films maintains your digital files in case you ever need additional copies of your projects. 

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Here is what our clients are saying

Bodie did my daughter's wedding video and it turned out wonderful! We love it so much and watch it all the time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a videographer. He was wonderful to work with.

Michelle Sage - Mother of the Bride "2015"

Bodie filmed our wedding and he did such an amazing job. He's professional and creative. My biggest concern was that videos and equipment would be distracting from the wedding itself or that videographers would be in the way of guests... never did we see it! Never was he in the way and he got such great shots!

Bodie you are wonderful and talented. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this for us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kayla Parker - Bride "2016"

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