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Starter Package Additions

➢Save the date promo or trailer video (0:30-1:30)

➢Invitations promo video (0:30-1:30)

Documentary Cinematic style film (10-15 mins)

➢Documentary Cinematic style film (20-25+ mins)

➢Highlight Film (2-6 mins)

➢Alternate Highlight Film & Views (2-6 mins)

➢Same Day Edit Film

➢Ceremony and reception setup

➢Pre-Ceremony recording 1-2 hours

➢Pre-Ceremony recording 2-4 hours

➢Ceremony recording Unlimited

➢Reception recording 2 hours

➢Reception recording 4 hours

➢Reception recording 6 hours

➢Arial/Drone Camera Views

➢4k Ultra High Definition Video Production

➢Rehearsal dinner (up to 2 hours)

➢Rehearsal events (up to 2 hours)

➢Overtime Hourly Rate

➢Additional Videographer

➢360 degree video

➢Advanced Color Correction- post production

➢Black & White with color pops- highlight film

➢Super 8MM movie or highlight

➢Photo Slide Show

➢Photo Montage show (Played during reception) -client supplied photos

➢Raw unedited footage

➢DVD Copy

➢Digital Copy

➢Client requested non mainstream music

➢Mainstream Music

➢Additional Music

➢Other special effects or add-ons

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