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Welcome to Golla Film Company (AKA Golla Films) for all your videography and photography needs.

Golla Film Company creates and masters several types of videography and photography designs and projects. We tell your wedding day story in a documentary cinematic style film.

We aim to catch lasting moments that will last you a lifetime.

We catch all the moments you missed and the ones you don't want to forget. 

Sample Wedding Highlights

Sonya & Brady Wedding Highlights

Barbara & Forrest Wedding Highlights

Natalie & Dan Wedding Highlights

Kayla & Boe Wedding Highlights

What is Different about Golla Films? 

What sets Golla Films Photography apart from other photography is our unique methods of redundancy. We use video to capture all of our photo shoots to ensure we captured the absolute perfect still image while we shoot the actual still image. We guarantee to deliver the perfect image every time.

About Bodie Golla

Golla Films was established in 2015 by Bodie Golla. Bodie started filming life events in 2009, in 2015 Bodie was asked to film his first wedding. When we asked Bodie why he enjoyed filming weddings he said "I really enjoy the creative aspect of weddings and the challenges it brings. Weddings don’t allow you to “re-take” a scene and in turn has taught me how to rise up to excellence”. In 2019 began incorporating other areas into business such as small business commercials, training videos and Product Demos. Golla Films is proud to specialize in Wedding films and likes traveling to wedding venues across the country.

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